Cowards Punch

by Black Ball

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**All proceeds will go to the local animal shelter, South Coast Wildlife Rescue.**
The new album "Never Regret" is now available from Rebellion Records and Longshot Music. The new cover artwork by Ramon looks superb!
I have a few copies left for Aussies but they are going quick. Message me on Facebook to get a copy. Cheers!

Late breaking NEWS! Wouter @ Rebellion Records and Mike @ Longshot Music are going to release this on 7" vinyl in early 2015, with Pat from Ntrane music to release in Australia....More to come!
Cover art designed by Ramon.

Its never too late to learn something new.
Inspired by guitar lessons from Dai of Rose Tattoo, I found myself writing a bunch of songs influenced by my favourite music…Aussie pub rock and Oi!.
I'm very lucky to be surrounded by talented muso`s and singers, so I rang around to get help from mates in bands that I love, to give the songs a bit of a helping hand.
First up was Kyle from Throwdown. As I live upstairs from him, all I had to do was yell out and he was there...He added his hardcore vocals to a verse in “Unveil the Truth” and the breakdown in “Nothing is for Free” ..ahhh....that was easy.
Next up, Gaz from Rust dropped by and we ending up writing a new Rust song and he did some vocals on “Running from You”. A nice bit of muso trade off, I reckon.
Alex from The Corps had a Friday night off after tattooing , so we drank homebrew and he sang a verse on “Time” and added some tough and melodic chorus backing vocals on “First Love”, “Always Remember”, “Polar Opposite” and “Time”.
I`ve always loved Kev`s guitar work in AVO & The Corps, so he rocked around to my place and ripped off a blazing solo on the intro to “Running from You” and the outro solo on “Unveil the Truth”...Yeah!
The problem was getting Barry from Plan of Attack and Al from Marching Orders on the album somehow as they both live in another state over 1000 km`s away. Well, the Pugs Day Out gig in Sydney solved the Al dilemma, as he was flying up to play with Razorcut. I kidnapped him and got him into Zen studio's to sing a verse on “The Journey” and backing chorus vocals on “Lights On” and “The Journey” before he had to fly home to Melbourne later that day.
Carol from Eager 13 & the Ozskas was also playing at Pugs, so I asked Carol to sing and she kindly offered her sweet tones to the chorus of “Running from You” whilst we were at Zen studio's.
Last up was Barry from Plan of Attack. I emailed Barry and he was keen to sing on a song although he was flying out early after Pugs Day Out. Trevor, the Plan of Attack guitarist, came to rescue with his studio up in Brisbane. The song was sent up to him and Barry laid down his brutal vocals on a verse and chorus of “Cowards Punch” and sent them back down to me.
Music...done! Beer o`clock.
My good work mate, Daniel McCready helped out with photos, taking some snaps with his fancy camera and fixing them up in photoshop. Artwork...done! Beer o'clock revisited .
To all my great friends and fellow band members that sang and played on this album, helped with the artwork, encouraged me and inspired me throughout the making of this album, all out of the goodness of their heart, I thank you very much. The wonderful people in the music scene, in Australia and overseas, are like family to me and I will shout you the next beer/whiskey/coke/water we have together.



released January 1, 2015

All music and lyrics written and performed by Bevynn.
Guest Vocals: Kyle (Throwdown), Garry (Rust), Alex (The Corps), Barry (Plan of Attack), Al (Marching Orders, Razorcut) & Carol (Eager 13, Ozska`s).
Guest guitar solo Kev: (The Corps, AVO).
Recorded and mixed at Bevynns house, Sydney, Australia.
Barry recorded by Trevor S @ AUM Mastering & Production, QLD.
Al and Carol recorded by Geoff Lee @ Zen Studios.
Mastered by Don Bartley at Benchmark Mastering.
Sample in “Cowards Punch” by Throwdown.
Photo by Ted Gijsman.

Thanks: Kyle, Gaz, Barry, Alex, Al, Carol & Kev, cheers for your album offerings. Nadja, Jen, Lin, Noel, Barry, Lisa, Kyle, Lucas, Terri, Nigel, Alex, Emma, Geoff Lee for mixing tips, Shane Kenning for artwork help, Dan McCready for pics and photoshop, Trouser, Jason, Alex, Will, Jackson, Tom, Wiz, Fernz, Smurf, Dave, Darrin, Pete, Sean Gillan, Pat Pug, Cindy, Hanna, Mali, Toby, Ben, Missy, Alexis, Kat, Allan Sullivan, Moljac, Dai, Kingy, Angry, Chumley, Simon, Danny Boy, Paul Baddies, Olli, Caz & Matt, Kat, Col Moses, Mick Horan, Thommo, Rachel S, Rod Hunt, Freya, Levi, A-Rock, Wof, Shaneo, Sean no Deal, Graham Bowditch, Ben Brown, Ryan Ussher, James Spidr, Lauren L from hell, Drew Gates, Ben Rabey, Natan VDL, Brigitte, Andrew, Kerry, Jason, Joshua, John, Chris Binns, Viktor, Muz, Trevor, Scott Mac, Matt, Teddy, Ants, Jay Misfit , Dan Fuck Out, Chris OSC, Adam Hall, Adam D, Jacob, Rob Grant, Dave Spasm, Paulski Circle, Cormac, Yeap, Josh Wilkins, Nick, Cod, Gaz, Gilly, Doz Razorcut, John Morrison, Gosia, Heath, Craig, Glenn Mackie, Gav Black, Eddie Leben, Rosie, Art Gallery mates & crew, Cutty, Steve Huby, Darby, Col Moses, Patch, Glenno, Bubsy, Dogsy, Freya, Dirtpipes, Nathan Millet, Mal, Ben, Jocko, Joelsa, Glenn Koek, Keaton, Wouter, Balazs, Reka, Diana, Olli, Tim Steinfort, Ronny Hecht, Thomas Ecke, Cotze, LeChris, Torti, Simochen, Zwedda, Colin, Emi & Wastl, Basil, Marissa, Zora, Dek,Liam, Ottar, Thomas L, Michiel, Laurent, Megs, Paddy, Spin, Mike Longshot, Nadine @ Black Pearl tattoos , Lighthouse tattoos.
Bands: The Corps, Rust, Throwdown, 6 Oclock Swill, Cremator, Toe to Toe, THUG, Stand Alone, Stanley Knife, Hostile Objects, the Fuck Outs, Deadly Visions, Playground of Hate, Topnovil, Eager 13, Ozskas, Doc Evil, First Assault, Rose Tattoo, Bastardizer, Disintegrator, Stanley Knife, Unknown to God, Boneless, Headbutt, The Baddies, Deathcage, Nobody`s Driving, Taken by Force, Rukus, Against, Frank Rizzo, AVO, Plan of Attack, Lost Cause, Mouthguard, Shandy, Against, The Good The Bad The Ugly, Vicious Circle, Depression, Marching Orders, Razorcut, Footsoldier, The Worst, Bloody Hammer, Kromoson, WPO, Bladder Spasms, Vee Bees, Hell Crab City, Razorblade, Discharger, Control, Crashed Out, Midnight Tattoo, DOA, GBH, Drongos for Europe, Billyclub, Keyside Strike, Old Firm Casuals, Control, Evil Conduct & The Cliches. Pug Music, Aussie Alt Distro, Innercity Uprising & Old School Cartel. Sorry if Ive missed anyone but we both know...



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Black Ball Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Cowards Punch
As he waved goodbye, the spirits were high
A lively night with boys
Drinking, singing and skanking
It was a night to enjoy
His boots crept out on the dark back streets
Stepping out and taking him home
With a sharp realisation, he was no longer alone

King hit, King hit
A Cowards punch
He turned too late, Only sense the hate

His chin hit the ground, the stars spun round
And all sounds began to fade
But he knew he had to rise, with no fear in his eyes
A stand just had to be made
Heart beat slows, the life force flows
All senses came to the fore
Position for the fight, but the coward takes flight
Yellow belly to the core

King hit, King hit
A Cowards punch
He turned too late, Only sense the hate
Track Name: Lights On
No one ever liked you, no one ever cared
End it all, put a gun to your head
We all know that you’re better off dead
No one ever loved you, no one really cares
Hear that a lot thru your troubled years
Seen a lot of life through the endless tears

Gotta leave your lights on
Let them know your home
Gotta keep your lights on
Your not alone

Someone ever ask you, someone ever care
Are you ok, do you need a friendly ear?
Feeling low, need a mate to be near
In a situation, did someone rattle you
Take a deep breath and get it off your chest
If it burns inside It`ll eat you alive

Gotta leave your lights on
Let them know your home
Gotta keep your lights on
Your not alone
Track Name: First Love
When I was a young boy, I was good at being bad
Black t-shirt and my ripple soles, that was all I had
Never fitted into any gang, group or family
Outsider pain was a daily demon, then a friend came to me

Woah Rock & roll saved me

Wells and Cocks, introduction to rock,Angus and Malcolm too
My jaw hit the ground, my heart began to pound, first love put a spell on me
In future times of darkness, thru trouble on the high seas
All I had to do was callout, my true love came calling for me

Woah Rock & roll saved me
Track Name: Running From You
Arrested for what I wear
I’m contested, for my hair
Everywhere I go they’re watching me
A tattoo or t-shirt design
I could find myself doing time
Hey Mr copper I see you watching me

Gotta keep on running
Gotta keep on hiding from you X 3
Coz one thing baby I know
Baby were through

Cameras clicking away
Aviators ruin my day
Big brother, just stop watching me
I’ve got nothing to hide
I’m not wearing colours or taking a side
Paparazzi copper you’re not fooling me

Gotta keep on running
Gotta keep on hiding from you X 3
Coz one thing baby I know
Baby were through